Gambar Peta Ambon Indonesia

Pulau Ambon is an island amidst in the Maluku Islands, south of the island. When this is the breadth of the burghal of Ambon, the basal of Maluku propinsi.

wilayah Administrasi/Administrative region

The administering in the government of the amphitheatre of Maluku, Pulau Ambon is broken into two parts, the chill allocation (Lei Hitu) came in Central Maluku collective administering and the southern allocation (East Lei) came in Ambon burghal administration.
Gambar Peta Ambon Indonesia

Kumpulan Gambar Peta Negara Malaysia.

This is the Kumpulan Gambar Peta Negara Malaysia. Malaysia is the 43rd best active country and the 66th bigger country by complete acreage across in the world, with a citizenry of about 28 amateur and a acreage across of over 320,000 km2 respectively. On land, Malaysia borders Thailand, Indonesia, and Brunei and it has amphibian boundaries with its neighbours Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The acreage borders are now able acclimatized and accurate in abounding allocation by geological actualization such as the Perlis River, Golok River and the Pagalayan Canal, whilst some of the amphibian boundaries acquire been the answerable of advancing contention.

Gambar Peta Maluku Indonesia

Ambon is the basal of Maluku with one of the abuttals in Indonesia which lies in the eastern allocation of the island of Sulawesi and Papua islands. This across is additionally nicknamed "Thousand Island Region", because it consists of about 1027 islands.
Gambar Peta Maluku Indonesia
Gambar Peta Propinsi Maluku Indonesia

Gambar Peta Kota Purwokerto Jateng

Gambar Peta Kota Purwokerto Jateng. This address is anchored in Banyumas, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia, its belted coordinates are 7° 25' 0" South, 109° 14' 0" East and its ancient name (with diacritics) is Purwokerto. Geographical situation:
109 ° and 109 ° 30 'east longitude, 7 ° 30' South Latitude
The North with the Regency and the Kab Tegal Pemalang
The South with the Kab Cilacap
West ancillary of Kab Cilacap and the Regency Brebes
East ancillary with the Regency and the Kab Purbalingga Banjarnegara

Gambar Peta Kabupaten Banyumas Jateng

Kabupaten Banyumas is a big burghal which is a address that became the centermost of activities and busline cartage in the Jateng area, namely the boondocks of Purwokerto.
Purwokerto is an addition alley from some boondocks in eastern Java island to biking overland as bus and alternation to Jakarta, Bandung and animality versa.
In the chill boondocks of Purwokerto, there is a day-tripper atom alleged Baturaden. Baturaden not abandoned visited by belted tourists only,
alike adopted tourists are additionally about visited the Baturaden in accordance with amalgamation tours in the boondocks of Navan is provided by the agents of their tour.
Gambar Peta Kabupaten Banyumas Jateng
Gambar Peta Obyek Wisata Kabupaten Banyumas Jateng

Gambar Peta Kota Purbalingga Jateng

Gambar Peta Kabupaten Purbalingga Jateng
Gambar Peta Kota Purbalingga Jateng
Purbalingga is a commune in Central Java Province. The basal is Purbalingga. The accommodate is belted by Pemalang Commune in the north, Banjarnegara east and south, and west of Banyumas.

Purbalingga amidst in the basin belted by some of the mountains. To the chill is a alternation of mountains (Mount Slamet and the Dieng Plateau). The southern allocation is Serayu Depression, which is aureate by two aloft rivers and tributaries Kali Serayu, Kali Pekacangan. Purbalingga capitals amidst in the western district, about 21 km east of Navan.