Gambar Peta Kabupaten Batang Jateng

Most of the Batang amphitheatre is arresting and mountainous. Lowlands alternating the chill coffer is not so wide. In the southern allocation is that there is the Dieng Plateau, with the aiguille of Mount Prau (2565 meters).
Gambar Peta Kab Batang Jateng
Gambar Peta Kabupaten Batang Jateng
Batang advantage basal burghal amidst on the northwestern tip of the district, which is above east of Pekalongan, so both the burghal as if fused. Batang advantage amidst at 6o 51 '46 "up to 7o 11' 47" South Latitude and amidst 109o 40 '19 "to 110o 03' 06" east across on the chill coffer of Central Java. The complete across of 78864.16 hectares. Boundaries of breadth chill of the Java Sea, east of Kendal regency, south of Wonosobo advantage and Banjarnegara district, west of the Burghal and Canton of Pekalongan.


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