Peta Kota Semarang

Low-lying areas in the burghal of Semarang is absolute narrow, which is about 4 kilometers from the coastline. Plains acclimatized as the burghal below. Down boondocks across is about hit by floods, and in some areas, calamity is acquired by a breaker of sea admit (rob). To the south is a plateau, acclimatized as the city, including District of Temple, Mijen, Gunungpati, and Banyumanik. General citizenry is aboriginal Semarang Java and use Java as the emphasis of acclimatized language. Established admiration is Islam. Semarang has a abounding Sino community. As in added areas in Java, abnormally in Central Java, they acquire circuitous with the locals and use the Java emphasis to communicate.
Peta Kota Semarang Indonesia
Gambar Peta Kota Semarang

Peta Kota Semarang Indonesia


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