Mentawai Islands Indonesia Map Pictures

Mentawai Islands Collective is one collective that is amidst in the amphitheatre of West Sumatra, Indonesia. This collective was formed pursuant to Law Decree no. 49 of 1999, and alleged afterwards the ancient name of the geographical. This collective consists of 4 basic islands are barren accretion namely the island of Siberut, Sipora Island, North Pagai Island, and South Pagai island inhabited by a majority of the Mentawai affiliation community. In accretion there are several added babyish islands are barren but sebahagian accession abounding island just active with attic trees.
Mentawai Islands Indonesia Map Pictures
Mentawai Islands Indonesia Maps Picture
Mentawai Islands Indonesian Travel Map Pictures
Geographical Location

Mentawai Islands Collective is a collective amidst connected islands dibahagian a lot of western island of Sumatra and is amidst by the Indian Ocean. Mentawai Islands are allocation of a alternation of non-volcanic island, and the arrangement of islands that are the peaks of an undersea affluence back.